The Sanctuary

This work came out of research into North Head Sanctuary in Manly, a suburb of Sydney. The remarkable 'Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub' evolved on nutrient-poor sand deposits on the Sydney sandstone cliff tops. Only 1% of the original ecosystem currently exists, in the form of a number of remnants, North Head being the largest. It comprises iconic Sydney flora such as Coastal Banksias, Flannel Flowers, Mountain Devils and Spider Grevilleas. The containment and restriction of the geographical environment, the cliffs and boundary line from suburbia, led me to consider a form that would contain the flora or ecosystem as a shelf.


The Sanctuary, 2014. Porcelain, stoneware, engobe, sgraffito, glaze, 28h x 54w x 40d cm. Image: Andrew Sikorski-Art Atelier