Crimson Bottlebrush

Banksia serrata

Making larger work allows me to explore imagery on a greater expanse of surface area. I coat the wheel-thrown and altered form with engobe, a vitreous slip, and carve through this to the clay body below. The recipe I have developed creates a vitrified hard surface with a soft sheen, even when remaining in tiny residual marks. I approach the mark making, or sgraffito, much like a relief printing block.


Crimson Bottlebrush, 2015. Porcelain, wheel-thrown, engobe, sgraffito, glaze, 15h x 30w x 11d cm. Image: Rob Little

Banksia serrata, 2012. Porcelain, wheel-thrown, engobe, glaze, 13h x 26d cm. Image: David Paterson