Herbarium Dishes: Endangered

Yellow Box-Red Gum Woodland Seed Jars

Botanical investigation informs my studio work and often leads to new approaches to making. At the Australian National Herbarium, I studied  pressed specimens of endangered species through a microscope. In response I layered coloured porcelain into thrown forms and etched glass lids, referencing scientific equipment.

 The series of lidded vessels, Seed Jars, is a reference to seed collection as a way of ensuring the future of biodiversity.


Herbarium Dishes: Endangered, 2015. Porcelain, wheel-thrown, etched glass, coloured porcelain, 5h x 20w cm. Image: Rob Little

Yellow Box-Red Gum Woodland Seed Jars, 2015. Porcelain, wheel-thrown, engobe, sgraffito, 8h x13w cm. Image: Rob Little