I am a ceramic artist working and living in Canberra and a recent PhD graduate in the Ceramics workshop at the School of Art & Design at the Australian National University. Through my work I investigate ways in which representations of Australian flora on the ceramic vessel can express current botanical and environmental knowledge. I hold a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney and this background informs the scientific approach I take to my art practice.

The subject of my work stems from doing what I love, that is to be in nature, and plants are my particular fascination. With this attention comes a recognition of environments under threat and species in rapid decline. My work aims to reflect the textural and formal qualities of plants and refer in some way to the connections between them, ecosystems they inhabit, and attributed cultural values.

I research an environment and its flora primarily through fieldwork, supported by data searches and my engagement with botanical research centres such as the Australian National Herbarium and the National Seedbank. My studio exploration of material, form, technique and placement embodies this knowledge.


I am represented in Sydney by Sabbia Gallery, Paddington


I am represented in Canberra by Beaver Galleries, Deakin


Instagram: cathy_franzi